"Jakub Choma captivated the jury by his detailed multimedia installations employing 'trash aesthetics' combined with references to the digital world. His works provoke ambivalent feelings of enchantment and disturbance, in many ways reflecting the ethos of the current Anthropocene era." (jury statement)

Jakub Choma (*1995, Košice) studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague (Painting Studio of Jiří Černický and Michal Novotný). He has moved from painting to spatial realizations, assemblages, objects, and installations. His work is based on almost laboratory experiments with various materials such as cork, Lucite and aluminum, while largely relying on digital visual culture and the aesthetics of gaming environments which strongly impact the artist’s generation. He is interested in themes like hyper-productivity and exhaustion typical for neoliberal society as well as D.I.Y. culture, popular science, and portable technologies. He has introduced his work primarily at independent galleries and art centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as internationally, for instance in Leipzig, Riga and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2020 Exhibition

Videoprofile of Jakub Choma