Adéla Součková

Adéla Součková

“The works by Adéla Součková address – lately primarily through remedialized and expanding drawing – elementary human situations as a palimpsest of archetype, tradition, experience, alienation and multiple social mediation.” (jury statement)

Adéla Součková (*1985) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Painting Studio II / Vladimír Skrepl School) and from Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden (Studio of Ulrike Grossarth). In 2017 she was artist in residence at Art in General in New York and in Sesama, Indonesia.

Součková’s essential means of expression is drawing and painting, however, she also expresses herself through performance, object installations and video. In her work, she draws on the tension between nature and culture, old mythologies and archetypes as well as on the current debate on the themes of ecology and feminism.

Součková regularly exhibits primarily at independent galleries in the Czech Republic and in Germany. She has presented her work at kim?- Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, Bozar, Brussels, at the Brno House of Arts, label201 in Rome, Zwischermaschine and Guardini Stiftung in Berlin and MWW Muzeum Współczesne in Wroclaw among others. In 2014 and 2015, she was a finalist of the Critics’Award for Young Painters. She lives and works in Prague and Berlin.


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