“We were impressed by Tomáš Moravec's ability to combine interventions in public space with a strong sense of artistic form. In his light projections, he projects geometric patterns onto sites where human bodies move, such as pedestrian crossings or staircases. These projections bring awareness to the importance and significance of physical movement in the context of our daily activities.” (Jury statement)

Tomáš Moravec (born 1985) studied under Jiří Příhoda at the Studio of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he also continued his doctoral studies. In his videos and performances, he alters our view of everyday life without radically interfering with it, often by way of seemingly absurd activities and interventions, shifting the perception of ordinary activities and surroundings, and in many cases, public space itself. Moravec is also known for his interaction with technology and various machines, which sometimes become the main figures in his projects. Tomáš Moravec was a finalist for the Exit Prize in 2006 and in 2015 he received the Václav Chad Prize. He has held residencies at the Triangle Arts Association in New York and at Studios Das Weisse Haus in Vienna. His work has been presented at numerous international institutions (Biennale Liége, BB15 Linz, Trafó Gallery Budapest, James and Audrey Foster Prize Boston, CCC Beijing).

Videoprofile of Tomáš Moravec

Video: Tomáš Moravec