Tomáš Hlavina (*1966) graduated from the Studio of Intermedia Work/Milan Knížák School at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and went on a study stay at the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. His objects, multimedia installations and sculptures are directly linked to people and represent certain artifacts of our activities. Hlavina carefully processes, arranges and combines them, often using everyday objects. His artworks carefully perceive the surrounding world and touch upon many philosophical, existential and religious questions. At the same time, they include elements of absurdity and paradoxicality. Hlavina’s work is both minimalistic and metaphorical, aesthetically refined and sophisticated. He employs the ready-made concept, however, he shifts it both semantically and formally far beyond the original ideas of this artistic approach. In his rendition, banal objects lose their original purpose and meaning, becoming bearers of poetical metaphors. Besides a number of Czech institutions, he held solo exhibitions at Stúdió Gallery in Budapest and at residencies at ISCP in New York, Santa Fe Art Institute in Connecticut and Künstlerhäuser Worpswede in Germany.