Tereza Velíková (*1979) studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Together with Tereza Severová and Barbora Zachovalová, she co-founded the independent Entrance Gallery in Prague. She works in the medium of video, addressing intimate communication in her personal relationships and her closest surroundings. In her video projections installed in layers, she challenges the possibilities of understanding. Her characters talk to each other, though each in a different video, discussing their feelings and privacy and seemingly responding to each other, yet still exuding a sense of loneliness. Sound and image are not always in sync, telling the illusory story of the impossibility of communicating the essential to others. Her key works include a video installation consisting of six slowly moving images of a leg in a black stocking, moving through space in unusual situations and expressing immense loneliness like a dumb puppet.

Videoprofile of Tereza Velíková

Video: Jan Vidlička