Painter Roman Franta (*1962) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague at the studios of Bedřich Dlouhý and Aleš Veselý. For two years, he also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in the US. His paintings, photographs and occasional installations have a distinctive style; he is intrigued by the life of plants and animals, using them to create scrummages which then produce color effects and form particular objects in his paintings. Roman Franta accentuates composition with a sense of detail which is primarily seen in the bodies of beetles forming the composition. He often employs an expressive painting technique enriched with a dose of an ironic world view and symbols of human society. In his later works, he develops figural motifs with his typical sarcasm. He is a holder of the 1st Prize for painting from Europe’s SBC and 4th Prize for painting from the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art 2001. He presented his work internationally at solo exhibitions at Cork Vision Centre, Ireland and LKV in Trondheim, Norway. Between 2008 and 2019, he worked as assistant professor at the Painting Studio II at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.