"A four-member art group Rafani often comment on international political issues. At the same time they support other artists and help them activate local arts community. Their artworks touching upon the edge of social etiquette rules often provoke, yet they primarily express the artists’ willingness to assume responsibility for the world around them.” (Jury Statement)

The Rafani art group entered the finals of Jindřich Chalupecký Award twice. The group was founded in 2000, its current members being David Kořínek, Jiří Franta, Marek Meduna and Luděk Rathouský. Since the beginning, the group has taken a specific position on the Czech art scene by means of its controversial projects aimed at drawing attention to social traumas and taboos such as the expulsion of Sudeten Germans, a communist past or neo-Nazism. They treat with commitment topics such as collective memory and guilt, morality and responsibility. Lately they have also picked the topic of omnipresent supervision and bureaucracy. Their activities usually take on the form of performance and social interventions. 

Report from the Rafan's exhibition

Video: Radim Labuda