Michaela Thelenová

Michaela Thelenová (*1969) graduated from the Faculty of Education at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem in Art Education and currently heads the Digital Media Studio at the Faculty of Art and Design. In her photographic cycles and videos, she addresses the manipulation of reality and its effect on our thinking. She includes texts and computer windows in her photographs, confronting real and artificial images. She often decomposes images into fragments, recomposing them into different semantic wholes. The subtle phenomena and situations taking place in daily life are an intriguing topic for her. She is fascinated by the rituals of homes, families and human relationships. She also deals with the environment she lives in – the historically and ecologically charged landscape of North Bohemia. She notices a certain uniformity of the people and the landscapes they occupy. Her solo projects include exhibitions at Kunsthalle Košice, Emil Filla Gallery and the Brno House of Arts.