Mark Ther (*1977) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Painting Studio II/Vladimír Skrepl School) and went on a scholarship at the Cooper Union in New York. He works primarily in the field of video art and the moving image. His videos often address controversial topics and are known for their careful rendering, preparation and realization, almost reaching film qualities. They are humorous yet sincere works confronting taboo moments, referencing pop culture and narrating suppressed stories. Employing camp and queer aesthetics as well as aspects of the docu-fiction genre, Ther’s videos address the Sudetengerman culture, the displacement of Germans and Nazism. His films speak the language of music videos and follow the narrative conventions of fiction film and personal reportage while providing comic relief for burning social issues. He presented his work at international exhibitions and film festivals in Berlin, New York and Köln among others.

Report from the accompanying program of Mark Thera within CJCH 2011

Video: Jan Vidlička