Lenka Klodová (*1969) studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague at the studios of Otakar Diblík and Kurt Gebauer and received a doctoral degree there in 2005. She went on scholarships at Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon and Staffordshire Polytechnic. She addresses the female experience which she perceives from various points of view and within broader social topics. Whether it focuses on corporeality, motherhood or pornography, her work never lacks a sense of humor and never moralizes. Klodová has studied the finest details of the specific female perception of sexuality and many of her projects were inspired by her motherhood. Her essential media include performance, action and happening but she also works in photography and video. She exhibited her work in London, Kiev and Guadalajara. She collaborates with Divus publishing house and organizes the Festival of Naked Forms in Kyjov. Since 2010, she heads the Body Design Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology.