Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2005

An international jury nominated six artists for the 16th edition of the leading Czech award for visual artists under 35. The collective exhibition was held at the Prague City Gallery in the building of the Municipal Library of Prague.


The finalists of the 16th edition of Jindřich Chalupecký Award in 2005 included Kateřina Šedá, Zbyněk Baladrán, Josef Bolf, Jakub Hošek, Alena Kotzmannová and Jan Šerých.

Award Holder

Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2005 went to Kateřina Šedá whose work is related to social architecture. In 2017, she received the Architect of the Year Award, although she does not deal with architecture directly. She received the award for her project “It Doesn’t Matter” made in collaboration with her grandmother. “When my grandma said that phrase a dozen times a day, I felt I had to do something about it and bring her back to life. I once asked her over lunch what a circular saw looked like, because I knew she had worked at a hardware store for a long time. She started drawing something in the air with her hands, so I gave her a sheet of paper and she immediately drew a circular saw in three sizes, including prices. When I asked her why she drew it in three sizes, and suggested it didn’t matter, she replied: ‘It does matter! There were three different sizes.’ I realized this was the first time in a long time when she said that something did matter. I felt that this could be the way to bring her back to life. To recreate that store and get her back to work. My grandma would remember all 650 types of products, including prices,” Kateřina Šedá said to Pavla Pilařová in an interview for the Czech TV. The award holder received CZK 100.000 for an exhibition, publication or a creative project of her choice and an international residency.


The head of the jury was art theorist, curator and director of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art of the National Gallery Prague Milena Kalinovská. The jury further included photographer and multimedia artist Milena Dopitová, German art historian and former director of Tate Liverpool Christoph Grunenberg, curator and performer František Kowolowski, painter Jan Merta, art historian and journalist Jana Oravcová, Italian professor and curator Roberto Pinto, and De Veemvloer director Radek Váňa.


The collective exhibition Jindřich Chalupecký Award – Final 2005 was held at the Prague City Gallery in the building of the Municipal Library of Prague.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony of the 16th edition of Jindřich Chalupecký Award was held at the Mayor’s Residence at the Municipal Library of Prague in 2005.