"Jan Nálevka absorbs and subversively pushes corporative graphic techniques. At first, his ironic, yet subtle projects cast an inconspicuous impression. In relation to everyday reality though they invoke a distinctive placebo effect with a political cross-over." (Jury Statement) 

Jan Nálevka (*1976) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at VUT in Brno. He was a student of e.g. Petr Kvíčala and Václav Stratil Studios. In his conceptual works Jan makes use of a number of techniques and media from drawing, installation and object making to video and digital photography. The artist deals with the role of an individual in society, everydayness and globalization. He often ponders social standing of an artist and offers detached comments on selected moments in the history of art. He always adds clearcut and brief instruction to his installations on how to interpret his work, which stands in remarkable contrast to his works’ emotional titles, derived from pop songs quotes. Jan Nálevka was a resident artist to the Geneve Centre D’Art Contemporain, or to the Triangle Arts Association in New York. His art is represented in several Czech collections. He has presented his works both at solo and group exhibitions also abroad.  

Report form the exhibiton of Jan Nálevka

Video: David Přílučík