Intervention #9: Romana Drdová – Primitive Syndicat

21. June 2018 17:30 PM – 9. September 2018

Liberec, Liberec Regional Gallery

Intervention #9: Romana Drdová – Primitive Syndicat

Liberec Regional Gallery
| Masarykova 723/14 | Liberec

Curator: Veronika Čechová

The works by Romana Drdová are inspired by current societal themes as well as by her intimate experience of emotions and relationships among people. Installed in a sensitive and intuitive way, objects of daily use as well as abstract shapes create material compositions inducing a specific state of mind in the viewers leading to a contemplation of the presented themes, whether these include the specific relationship between modern technology and the human body and its impact on our lives or physical and mental health care.

Romana Drdová’s exhibition held at Liberec Regional Gallery presents her new work, loosely following up on her previous body of work, introduced at the Jindřich Chalupecký Award Final 2017 exhibition in Brno, while also based on her residency in Antwerp, Belgium in early 2018.

Romana Drdová (1987) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of New Media I / Tomáš Svoboda School). She also went to several exchange programs, e.g. at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul and at the studios of visiting professors Florian Pumhösel and Nicole Wermers at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her work, often in the media of object, photography and installation, is characterized by a specific pure aesthetic, even transparency and work with light, matter and emptiness combined with specific materials and processes which are inspired by the context of visual arts as well as by fashion, technology and design. The artist makes a sensitive and metaphorical commentary on the theme of perception and human interaction at the time of “data smog.“ She has introduced her work primarily in Czech independent institutions (solo exhibitions at Prague’s MeetFactory and Karlin Studios) as well as at the National Gallery in Prague and internationally in Vienna, Berlin and Liège, Belgium.

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