Eva Koťátková

“Eva Koťátková’s choice of media in her work makes it more complex. In terms of content, it boldly deals with the everyday, the physical and emotional perception of space. Her conceptual approach is full of playfulness and mystery. She transforms the uncomplicatedness of the mundane and everyday objects into performances and sculptures.” (Jury statement)

Eva Koťátková (born 1982) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with a Master's degree and obtained her PhD from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She is the co-founder of the platform Institute of Anxiety, which creates a space for collaboration between artists, theorists and activists. In her work, she explores the forms of power, manipulation, discrimination and control exercised by institutions upon those who, for various reasons, deviate from the norm (or what is perceived as such). Through various media, she then pursues other models of functioning, communication and sharing that would allow individuals and groups to function in more liberated, equal and empathetic ways. She works with marginalized stories and emotions, often inviting children to participate. She is active in both Czech and international contexts. She has exhibited at the Istanbul Biennial (2019), the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2018), 21er Haus - Museum for Contemporary Art in Vienna (2017), Sonsbeek (2016), New Museum Triennial in New York (2015), Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin (2014) and the Venice Biennale (2013).

Report form the exhibiton of Eva Koťátková

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