Do you have a knack for art?

Do you have a knack for art?

“Do you have a knack for art?” is an international exhibition of student projects addressing the themes of contemporary visual arts and society. Due to its wide scope, it has its own website.

The project was established in the Czech Republic in 2009 as an independent educational platform which is based on the collaboration with gallery institutions. From the beginning, these have included the National Gallery in Prague, DOX Center for Contemporary Art and the Moravian Gallery in Brno. The project is further supported by Galerie Rudolfinum and several regional galleries. In 2015, international galleries such as the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest joined in. Since 2012, the competition is part of the special event program of Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

Each year we are able to address most high and grammar schools in the Czech Republic. Student groups address a different theme every year and then present it to a selected organizing institution which varies each year. The works are evaluated by a jury of experts comprising artists, art theorists and teachers.


The competition is aimed at students aged 14 to 19 (exceptions allowed). Previous experience in the arts is not necessary. The goal is to engage students in active research of artistic approaches and their significance in everyday life. Students are asked to form a group (min. 2, max. 6 people) and work on their project according to the assignment. They can work with various fields of interest, engage their surroundings etc.



The project’s goal is to give students an opportunity to use their creative skills and interest in the context of the environment they live in. They can also share their ideas, discuss them and work on a longer project which relates to their everyday life and opens new horizons for them. We also aim to present contemporary art as a partner for exploring new contexts and reflecting on man and the world.



September—October: Beginning of the competition, sending information and application forms to schools 

November: Application deadline 

December—February: Workshops for students in organizing institutions (galleries, museums), tutorials for student groups about their projects (on demand) 

February: Sending out information on the semifinals

March: Semifinals, choosing 25 best projects for the competition’s finals

May: Finals, exhibition of the best projects at a selected gallery

June: Meeting of the best student groups from the Czech Republic and abroad; exhibition of their work in one of the organizing institutions


For each edition, the organizers choose a topic which offers various artistic solutions as well as many interconnections with areas beyond fine art: from science through entertainment to religion. Our aim is to point out the position of art as a significant phenomenon closely related to both our present and past. The final works of the students have to draw on the given topic. The format, choice of artistic approach and medium is entirely up to the students. They are free to choose from traditional media (such as painting, sculpture, graphics) or new media (video, photography, computer animation, social media etc.). The jury only evaluates the quality of the artwork and compliance with the assignment.

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